Terms and Conditions

General Use Terms and Conditions

By creating any account, (personal, business, or fundraiser) with the Starving Student Card App, you are acknowledging that you have read and accepted the following conditions:

The Starving Student Card App is continually being updated and revised. Occasionally, businesses will revoke their deals and we will not refund or compensate for any deals that are removed before being redeemed. Subscriptions will not be reimbursed due to minor changes in business or deals available. You are responsible for previewing the Starving Student Card App for quality and quantity of deals in your area before purchasing the app. You may preview the app here.

Subscriptions are valid for 1 year from the time of purchase. At the end of that year, subscriptions will autorenew unless cancelled. Subscriptions purchased through Starving Student Card via Stripe can be cancelled through the “Settings” section of the app. It is the customer’s responsibility to manage their subscription(s). In the event that you request a refund, and your refund request is granted, you will be assessed a $5 service charge. If you purchased through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, you will need to cancel your subscription through your respective store. Refund requests for subscriptions purchased directly from app stores must be handled with the app store directly.

We may send out emails and texts to let you know of new businesses, deals, or other changes to the Starving Student Card App. You may opt out of our text messaging system at any time, by replying STOP to any text we send you. You may unsubscribe from certain email updates regarding nonessential account information. We will have a very limited number of emails, regarding account information that are required for all accounts. 

When supporting a fundraiser with your subscription, your first name and last initial will be displayed to the fundraiser, so they can track their sales. This information is only available to the fundraiser you supported if they have created an account and are logged in. 

The Starving Student Card App can be used as a fundraiser for all types of groups and individuals. When creating a fundraiser, your fundraiser name maybe displayed to the public as a way for them to support you. Names of individuals fundraising under a group will only be visible to those individuals who have access to the fundraisee’s personally generated link. Fundraisers will receive payments in the form of a check mailed to their fundraiser address. No payments will be made until a fundraiser has sold 10 subscriptions. In months where less than 2 subscriptions were sold, we reserve the right to hold payment until addition subscriptions are sold. Each payment will have a $5 charge to cover fees relating to processing that payment. 

We reserve the right to limit the use of coupons to subscriptions that are not supporting a fundraiser. 

All offers are limited to one use per visit, per person, per day. Offers may or may not be valid with other offers or sales. Tips should be paid on the full bill prior to discount.

Fundraiser Terms and Conditions

Active Individual and Groups links earn $15 per App subscription sold.  Sales made via “SSC Advertising” will pay commissions of $10 per membership.

$15 will be paid on each yearly renewal, however, in the case that no new sales have been made via an individual or group’s link for 2 years the memberships signed up via those links will be forfeit.

The Starving Student Card/App has the right to use fundraising groups logo in order to promote said Fundraiser.

In the case that an individual or groups earns more than $600, a social security or tax ID number will need to be provided before an additional amount over the $600 will be paid.

The Starving Student Card/App will not pay out on single sales or checks less than $20 in a month period. Sales equaling $100 or less will be subject to a $5 check processing fee.  Monthly sales of 7 subscriptions or more (equalling $105 or more) will be paid in full without a check processing fee.

Payments will be processed between the 7th and 10th of each month and should be expected by recipients no later than the 15th of the month; however we are not responsible for lost checks.

Fundraisers are responsible for keeping their mailing address up to date. We are not responsible for checks not received due to an out of date address. Contact us to update your address.

In the case that checks are sent directly to a groups leader, the leader agrees to use the funds for the intended fundraising group and not for personal use.  In the case of this fraudulent act, the Starving Student Card/App will not be held liable.

Starving Student Card/App has the right to refuse the use of it’s fundraising program to any group or individual.  Starving Student Card/App may request that a fundraising group’s name be changed if deemed by us inappropriate.

Rewards Terms and Conditions

  • Reward/Prize Redemptions cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or sale.
  • Rewards must be redeemed in front of the cashier at the participating business.
  • When a reward is purchased it will be valid for 30 days, if not redeemed in that time, it will go back to the store and your points will be returned.
  • Reward costs are subject to change.
  • Rewards are subject to change.
  • Rewards cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Reward points do not expire.
  • Rewards can only be redeemed at participating locations. Your location MUST be turned on.
  • Reward points are awarded for first time subscribers, who sign up with your unique link.
  • Reward points are not awarded on renewals, discounted subscriptions, or gift subscriptions.
Earning points is accomplished when your link is shared and the person receiving your link purchases their own app subscription for the $30. At that point your points will be rewarded.